INTERSEC Wisconsin 2016 
May 3, 2016 at Camp Douglas, WI!

Internet Security is Everyone's Business! (Click to hear Radio Ad)

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Why you should attend?  
explaining why this Cybersecurity conference is necessary for you.

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Cybersecurity must become a priority for every business and every individual.  We all face cybersecurity challenges such as being the target of cybercriminals, theft of intellectual property, financial or employee information stolen resulting in business disruption, loss of clients and client information as well as loss of personal financial, health and computer documents. Intrusions into America’s business and infrastructure networks pose economic and national security threats.

Protection must be proactive and must include all personal and business devices – the line between personal and business has blurred with the use of cell phones, tablets, and laptops.  If a breach does occur – a plan should be in place that includes quick response and recovery as well as collaboration with law enforcement.

The InterSecWI program was designed to engage and educate public and private sector partners with the goal of raising awareness and understanding of cybersecurity as well as identifying threats and solutions for securing and protecting your data as well as improving the resiliency if your data is compromised.  

This conference will be composed of two sessions - morning & afternoon
* The morning session will focus on internet security best practices for businesses, banks and government agencies
The afternoon session will focus on helping individuals learn best practices in cyber security so they can operate on the Internet in a secure manner

WatchGuard Chief Technology Officer explains "The Internet Security Landscape"

The Internet Security Landscape by Cory Nachreiner Watchguard CTO (15 mins)