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Google Inc. builds technology products and provides services to organize the information. Website: www.google.com

StorageCraft Technology Corporation is a thriving international software development company with phenomenal year-over-year revenue growth, talented and highly engaged employees, and a mature line of award-winning products. We at StorageCraft cultivate partnerships with managed service providers and software resellers throughout the world. Website: https://www.storagecraft.com

KnowBe4 has become the world’s most popular integrated Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing platform. Well over 2,000 enterprise accounts are using it, 25% of which are banks and credit unions. Based on Kevin Mitnick’s 30+ year unique first-hand hacking experience, you now have a tool to better manage the urgent IT security problems of social engineering, spear phishing and ransomware attacks. Website: www.knowbe4.com

ore ways to protect and control your data in the cloud. Website: www.backupify.com

Sophos IT security products have become as complex as the networks they’re trying to secure. Sophos knows that the solution to complexity is not more complexity. They tackle security challenges with clarity and confidence, knowing that simple security is better security.   Website: www.sophos.com

WatchGuard has deployed nearly a million of its integrated, multi-function threat management appliances worldwide, to businesses that range from SMEs to large distributed enterprises. Recognizing an unmet need for a security solution that addresses the rapidly evolving threat landscape, WatchGuard architected its high-throughput, highly scalable, and flexible Fireware® operating system to form the backbone of its products. This platform yields dramatically higher performance at a much lower cost than competitors in environments where multiple security engines are enabled. Website: www.watchguard.com

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Founded in 1995, Baker Security & Networks is one of Ireland’s leading providers of network and security solutions. Today we manage networks and IT security infrastructure in financial organisations, government, state agencies, national companies and international corporations ranging from 5 to 60,000 users. As Ireland’s first Google Enterprise Partner, Baker Security & Networks helps Irish companies cost-effectively and rapidly deploy Google Apps in your business, train your team and provide ongoing support for your organization’s adoption of this web-based application platform.